Thursday, July 28, 2011

International bird friends

Dave from Laguna Beach, California, sent these amazing images of hummingbird babies hatching and growing up:

© David Fielding 2011

And a friend from Mexico City related a funny story about her parrot & new neighbours:

"… I am happy that the rainy season finally started since it was so hot. Lucas [the parrot] enjoys it because he can be out of his cage and in the patio and also, because he can get a bath with the spray hose. My new neighbors have a bloodhound whose name is also Lucas and they get a kick out of Lucas yelling, "Hola, Lucas!" I think they thought that he was calling the dog until they found out that that's his name also and since we repeat that frase to him so often, he learned it that way. "

Love hearing your news, keep on keeping on!


  1. These images look great on your blog, thanks for posting and enjoying them. Cheers. D

  2. Have you heard this version, Inari? It's beautiful.

  3. Yes I have and I agree, it's the most beautiful version there!! But I just couldn't bring myself to publish because of the new age imagery someone's used to 'illustrate' the track. My plan for this year is to learn how to combine sound and images in Mac - stay tuned, home music videos are a-coming! : D See you soon x