Wednesday, June 23, 2010

One hundred rings of solitude

Life as a jewellery student, part 2:

This work belongs to a first year project at RMIT for which I made myself a set of rules: No drawing or sketching (my usual escapes), just model making from materials that might be unfamiliar to me, seeing if I could create one hundred different rings. How many I ended up with? 80? I still haven't counted.

I remember that all this began from turning wire in a state of confusion about what a "contemporary look" might be, a concept so prevalent in the first year "art jewellery" discussions. I thought at the time that if I blast out something highly asymmetric, warped and quite monochromatic, preferably black and plasticky, avoiding precious metals, surely I'll succeed – in an ironic way. But as I kept working, the pissed-offness at the notion of "contemporary = cliched" wore off, and the project became a fun experiment which I still like to look at.

Confusion remains, but in such a different way now : )

– Click each row if you'd like a closer look –


  1. Yours could be a very useful kind of confusion...
    I reckon the most important is thing is for the jewellery to be free... no wait... enslaved to the right things-
    ( oh sorry, thats pretty cryptic isnt it?)

  2. "freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose",


    "slave to love"

    I guess!

    : )

  3. Greetengs from Estonia! I am viewing your works so beautiful! Those rings are stunning. Thank you!

  4. Tere Marlen,

    Thank you!! It was really fun to make them.

    Hope all is well in Estonia, a beautiful country with gorgeous people : )

  5. I loved your project! Trully inspiring!