Sunday, June 27, 2010

More odd brooches: New work 2010, 2

These brooches were made as an addition to our semester work, to the odd-series , as I lost one of the earlier pieces in a plane, and broke two by... stepping on them! Oops! : /

The idea of the project was to experiment with a material – my focus was melting and fusing different types of plastics, and combining them with other materials.

Odd 5 Inari Kiuru 2010
resin, paper, enamel paint, 925, stainless steel

Odd 6 Inari Kiuru 2010
PVA glue, resin, paint, found object (thermostat from our now ex-rice cooker)

Odd 7, Summer Inari Kiuru 2010
Plastics, crayon, paint, stainless steel, brass wire

Click on the images for a larger and more detailed view

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