Thursday, September 16, 2010

an early morning definition of happiness

Not so long ago, I realised that I am no longer waiting for anything.
The thought stopped me on my tracks and I realised, this could be it.

I'm not waiting to get older (nor do I long to be younger)
I'm not waiting for the school, day, month or year to finish
I'm not waiting to look any different
I'm not waiting to find someone who loves me and whom I can love
I'm not waiting to find a home – I know I'm home wherever we are
I'm not waiting to become a 'real' artist – working on things that interest me is all that counts
I'm not waiting to become someone – I am me already, and always have been.
And I'm not waiting for times without sadness or anxiety, for happiness calmly embraces its seeming opposites: not one without the other. For those with sensitive radars, I now know, happiness is the whole roller coaster that life is.

As for the things I may be envisaging for the future, or longing for,
such as seeing my families and old friends,
perhaps having a family myself,
and gently restoring peace where I may have disturbed it,
for those I am looking forward to.


Hope you are well and happy too.



  1. I look forward to zen moments like this!

  2. indeed
    everything is as it
    should be.

    I walked home the other night and took an alternative route
    which still lead me to the same spot I wanted to be
    I said to myself-
    "Oh I would have ended up here anyway"
    and then went
    and a little moment of stillness and magic landed on me.

    Yay to you- and all you are.

  3. Dear Eddy,

    So you arrived in Rome?

    : D

    Yes, indeedy indeed, these moments of stillness and inner calm are real treasures which can sustain us for many thin miles. Thank you for your response, and hope you're enjoying your weekend. xi

  4. This reminds of me of the philosophy encapsulated in Eckhart Tolle's 'The Power of Now' (i.e: there is nothing but this moment) and one that I aspire day!

    Kudos to you, I! :)

  5. Dear Tilda.

    Lots to say.
    When the time's right : )
    Kudos to you too, fully.

    For now, want to make you laugh by telling you that an English friend of mine calls Eckhard Tolle "a garden dwarf" : D : D

    Just a difference between always looking over the fence, and observing the grass on our back yard I guess xx

  6. Sounds like you are in a good place, Inari. It's lovely how happiness can creep up on you and can often be found in the simplest of things.

  7. You said it, Sally.
    Slow cooked things are the very best...
    Although - sometimes they can make you gassy!

    : D xxx