Sunday, September 12, 2010

a visiting artist in our sink

Seems like we currently have an artist in residence
somewhere in our kitchen sink.

This bubble design (I gather a neck piece)
emerged this morning, next to a tea cup, through
the grimy water. It was tiny, only about 35 mm across.

And just as is, complete with a clear bubble catch –
no photoshopping involved. Amazing!

Life otherwise: very involved in creative processes
and excited about work/study, to a point where it's hard to sleep at night
as new ideas come so fast and clear. This is good. So much to discover.
Feeling spiritually tired at the same time, if that makes any sense,
but think I'm on the mend by putting things into perspective.
Looking forward to more light and warmer weather very much,
as well as going away together in a couple of months
somewhere just to sleep, eat, read and of course
to swim in the open ocean.


  1. so much to discover, so little extra time left to discover it in, this is my current problem. I am over extended,

  2. I bet you the kettle boiled just when you arrived at the comma : D

    Yes time is short, almost in any way you look at it. Yet better to have heaps to do than not enough, don't you think? Good luck with it all, and great shape exploration through drawings and jewellery in your blog by the way.

  3. Cheers then for the hot beverages of the world! : D : D

  4. That's amazing your whole house is becoming jewellery! Hope your enamel is going well - I am getting to my kiln tomorrow after being sensible and preparing things last week.

  5. Hey that's great - can't wait to see what you're making in the kiln! Please let me know. Hope all's good at your end, been missing the happy times & laughing with you : ) xx

  6. good shot and very interesting blog
    nice to meet you

  7. Hi Marta,

    Thank you and nice to meet you too!

    : D