Sunday, September 4, 2011

A difficult time

Dear All.

I have been quiet for a while, and may remain so for some time. However I wanted to write a small update on what has happened.

My parents were involved in a motorbike accident while on a road trip, and flown to a hospital in Besancon, East France. I have been here with my sister since last weekend, and my husband was able to join us this Thursday evening. My mum is now OK with only broken bones, but dad is still in intensive care after emergency surgery. Mum and my sister have been taken back to Switzerland where my other sister is waiting for to help, and dad will be transported in an ambulance tomorrow to a hospital closer to home. His condition is stable. My husband and I will remain here to see him off, and follow by train. We are staying positive and just happy we are able to be here, and that we're all able to be together as a family. Things are improving day by day.

I do not have words to describe this time yet. Just that life is precious and unpredictable.
I will keep in touch after some time when things settle.
Meanwhile, take care.