Thursday, September 29, 2016

Night falls over Brunswick, concrete brooches

These three brooches from the Night falls over Brunswick-series were my entry to this year's Mari Funaki Award for Contemporary Jewellery at Gallery Funaki, Melbourne, Australia. From the top:

Suburban moon, close and distant (2016), concrete, mica, pigment, stainless steel pin
A tree and the night's edge (2016), concrete, glass fragments, pigment, paint, stainless steel pin
The Universe sees us asleep (2016), concrete, copper, enamel, glass, paint, stainless steel pin

'Vessel' exhibition at Bilk Gallery, Canberra

Holding onto light
concrete, glass fragments, iron oxide, pigment, wax

One of my three symbolic vessel-objects at Bilk, contemplating light. You can find more images
and information about the beautiful exhibition with six participating artists
at the gallery website here.

Blue and orange earrings

Three pairs from the Industrial Lightscapes-series 2015-16, all in steel, paint and gold.