Thursday, July 16, 2015

Solstice – of darkness and light, images of work

Here are some images of my work in the exhibition, a group of seven concrete and mixed media objects, titled Dust from a distant sun. Here's how I described it in our show media:

This installation of cast concrete, iron-oxide pigment, clay, coral, leather, wax, aluminium and gold is a meditation on the changing lightscapes throughout our days, and on the heaviness of time irrevocably passing. Vast cloudy afternoons, starry nights, long forgotten mornings; once gone, never to return. The objects–containers, vessels, industrial-organic forms–stand seemingly together, grouped like planets or a constellation, yet each ultimately alone, perhaps carrying the same melancholy that contemplating the enormous universe sometimes evokes. Comforting, the warmth of the sun is always present, as light connecting the works and illuminating the gently rendered surfaces.

photo: ©Aurelia Yeomans
Inari Kiuru: Dust from a distant sun (2015), installation of seven objects made of concrete, clay, leather, foam, wax, crystal, paint, aluminium, gold leaf and iron oxide pigment.

All photos except one by © Inari Kiuru 2015.

Solstice – of darkness and light exhibition

Image: Inari Kiuru (2015) Solstice, giclee print on archival art paper, 380 x 430 mm, edition of 20

Solstice – of darkness and light

Aurelia Yeomans
Inari Kiuru
Naoko Inuzuka

A solstice marks the two brief moments during an astronomical year when day and night meet at their longest and shortest. This changing metaphorical relationship between dreaming and wakefulness, the conscious and the unconscious, and the natural cycles around and within us, is the focus of Solstice –
of darkness and light, an installation of contemporary jewellery, object and image.

June 23 - July 4 2015
45 Flinders Lane, Melbourne 3000

Opened by Dr Kirsten Haydon, RMIT University, Melbourne
and Mary-Lou Jelbart, Artistic Director, fortyfivedownstairs

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who saw our show, either in the gallery or through online images. Especially big thanks to our partners, friends, families, teachers and mentors whose support and help was invaluable in realising our first independent exhibition. More images of the work and gallery in the next posts!