Saturday, December 15, 2012

Season's Greetings 2012

Dear Reader,
Thank you for the year past, and wishing you a relaxed and joyful festive season.
Looking forward to new adventures in 2013, so many exciting things lie ahead.

These moths, my initial visual sketches for this year's jewellery project, are a glimpse of my recent work contemplating the rapid evolution of sensitive species around us, through images and objects. Two cases intrigued me into further research: The Peppered Moth (Biston Betularia) darkened quickly in response to the coal darkened surfaces of the Industrial Revolution and then lightened back again when the fallout became better controlled; in Fukushima, generations of butterflies
already show strange mutations.
What will happen in the future, near and distant...?

More soon – in words and pictures.

Take care and chat soon!
x Inari (hoping to be immersed in the Indian Ocean by the time you read this : )