Monday, March 30, 2009

hearts of g – happy birthday best friend!

Found an old drawing from my archives. Golden car time circa 2001!

I dedicate this pic to a sculptor friend of mine, may there be another year full of hair rising adventures for you! (And maybe you'll get a dog with stiff ears too. And better still, a hat for yourself.)

This all in an environmentally friendly spirit of course, but boots and roof racks and dusty back seats where wood, concrete and powertools must be transported are still in... for art.

Happy birthday all artists, practising or just thinking about it!
(DO IT.)
: )

PS. Soon its time to return to city streets after this viral exile. This reminds me why I (carless one) love trams so much. I shall go and make a good list of the reasons and return to the topic later.

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