Wednesday, April 8, 2009

when panic looms

Suddenly in a creative rut with no time to wallow (yes, now), I try and remind myself of the golden rule of input and output, tried and tested:

More concentrated thinking and hard work WILL bring the answer. Guaranteed.

Desperation is not helpful, pessimism is not helpful, giving up is certainly not helpful, fear of criticism is just the ego talking, and general panic is the worst. It suffocates free, lateral flow of ideas as well as snuffs out all clear logic.


Just sit down with dedication to spend some time; be methodical; have spurts of creative play in between the linear progress, then mix, and edit the results again. Remind yourself that this in its pure state is what you love, afterall. Keep at it until you arrive at a clue (you will!) – soon it will begin to grow and evolve into something more, enthusiasm will creep up again and start tingling in the back of your legs (or wherever). Before you know it, you're back in the saddle again, having discovered a direction.

Optimism is everything.
Remembering how the process works, by putting in work, at times when you feel nothing is working, helps in being optimistic.

Just had to say this to myself today.
Tomorrow morning, it's a pot of coffee & go go go!

– or, try making your own luck.

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