Monday, September 7, 2009

Dads and clouds

Unlike in Australia, Fathers' Day in Finland falls onto the second Sunday of November, six months after Mothers' Day. (You don't want to party all the time, now do you, is the Finnish way of thinking. And while you're at it, please refrain from wearing bright colours at any time; singing is only allowed in minor keys at a slow tempo, and no laughing aloud, please, before the blood alcohol hits a certain level.)

But to commemorate this day anyway, here is how my Dad takes in the world. He steers his nearest and dearest up the highest mountain available : ) These are photos dad took a couple of days ago, at an alpine meadow on Chagerrug, Switzerland, close by where they nowadays live. There is my whole, much missed far away clan, high up a mountain, among the passing clouds, sitting on the edge of the world. Cheers xx.

Mum, Michele, Kaisli, Kukka-Maria, Pauli
photo: K. Kiuru, August 2009

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  1. It's so lovely to visit your blog, Inari - it's like taking a journey into strange and beautiful places while still at my desk. Your photography is stunning and your musings are divine. Thank you for posting these bright little jewels each week. :-)