Friday, October 30, 2009

found in translation – RMIT Gold & Silversmithing 1st and 2nd years' end of year exhibition!

Annual exhibition of jewellery and hollow ware
by RMIT University’s first and second year
gold & silversmithing students

4–13 November 2009
Opening Wednesday 4 November 5–7pm

RMIT School of Art Gallery
Building 2, Bowen Street, off LaTrobe Street
Gallery hours: Monday to Friday 10–5pm

So, our assessment is over (hello again, blog, friends, family! I'll post pictures of new work as I get the photos and pieces sorted out a bit), and life is flooding back to the weary body and mind again, slowly but surely.

It's always a really emotional time for me, the last day of uni, from the culmination of strong energies and the notion of something ending. But hey, only four months, seven days and thirteen hours since we can go back again!! Hehe! Thank you for everyone who lended tissues and warm hands during the tearful afternoon. I love you guys, and can't wait to be making things together throughout the summer : )

But the end is not at hand yet really, the end of year exhibition looming just around the corner. Still heaps to do, but it will be great! This year we have a greatest number of students involved for a long time, 31 all together, so should be an interesting and varied collection of pieces.

Here's our invite, I designed it and am very happy about how it turned out. Click on the image if you want a clearer / larger view. We wanted something graphic this year and thought that a little playful DIY would not go amiss (and wait for our fabulous plinths that have been designed and made by our exhibition design team, too!). The image also speaks of our theme – anything can be found in translation, the process, in discovering new ways of doing things, in looking at the world from a different angle. Jewellery can be anything, anywhere …

Welcome to our opening on next Wednesday, please find all the info below.
More soon, nice to be back.

School of Art Gallery details:
Phone: 03 9925 4971
Curator/Coordinator: Stephen Gallagher
Administration/web design Andrew Tetzlaff

year 1:
aurelia yeomans
clementine edwards
danica moorcroft
eideann lear
joelle peters
kate peterson
katie jayne britchford
khyran randall-demllo
laura barlow
lin lin
loredana ducco
lucinda knight
rachel fares
rebecca bartha
ruby aitchison
sarah wallace
wendy korol
yasmin hackett

year 2:
allona goren
alysha batliwalla
bin dixon-ward
chloë powell
colly yichieh lu
courtney jackson
ev liong
inari kiuru
kim wearne
marcos guzman
romy mittelman
sarah fletcher
soojeong jo

Our press release:

Found in Translation showcases the jewellery and hollowware made by first and second year students who are currently studying Gold and Silversmithing in the School of Art at RMIT University. The title of the exhibition reflects the ever-constant battle these developing artists wage in their endeavour to translate material and concept into object, whilst finding their individual voices within a thriving local and international gold and silversmithing community. Please join the students in celebrating the outcome of (many) hours of labor involving flaming torches, red-hot kilns and filed fingertips during this highlight of the School of Art Gallery exhibition calendar.

For media enquiries, contact:
Mark Edgoose Coordinator Undergraduate Gold and Silversmithing School of Art, RMIT University 9925 3540 /

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