Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Dirty Corner(s)

I have noticed that, somehow, the technical functioning of my camera has
begun to mirror the states of my mind.
These pictures, like most of the ones
taken over the last six months, are
unfocused, often too dark or burnt empty
of detail, and oddly framed.

But I'm working on servicing the old machine now …

See great photos of the actual amazing sculpture, including the interesting
process of
building and structural plans, here: Anish Kapoor: Dirty Corner

Milan, Fabbrica del Vapore, June 2011


  1. Who is she? I thought perhaps she was someone famous named Fabbrica del Vapore. So I looked her up. Now I feel stupid.

  2. That's hilarious! : D And also great, as your association was mine too: Fabbrica del Vapore = 'Steamworks'. I worked on the portrait's hair for a long time to try and highlight the steam-like quality and detail of those fine, fine light curls.

    She might be someone famous, who knows; to me she was just a lady in the crowd, visiting the sculpture with her friend, and I found her face very interesting. It seems somehow quintessentially Italian, made of small circles; and also young and old at the same time.

  3. PS. I love the Italian word for the elderly: the "ancients".

  4. Yeah, strangely she kind of looks like a baby! Great portrait.

  5. Thanks. I briefly thought, a lovechild between Pinocchio and Berlusconi. But that might be going a bit too far.

  6. This is a remarkable portrait, Inari. Touching, beautiful and slightly eerie as well because she is old and yet her features are could be those of a baby, too. I love it.

  7. Thank you Dmetri – I was thinking that there is probably a portrait of everyone that would look like young / old, if taken in a certain way... You know how sometimes you can see the older person in a newborn and the other way around? Maybe it's to do with being relaxed...?