Monday, February 27, 2012


Thanks, boots!


  1. Welcome back, I missed you:-). I kept on checking in on your blog from time to time, to see if you were home, and I was happy today that you are home. I love these new images, enjoyed the well composed spaces with a keen footing. I fly to Auckland Friday night, I'll send a smile your way. Cheers. D

  2. Hi Dave, thank you for your kind words! Yeah, keen footing ... Had no intention of taking these, but having carried my phone absolutely everywhere with me this year, something about the way I take photos has changed. Much easier to just record on the spot; the lightness and palm-held aspect of the phone camera also have an effect.

    You must be very glad going home! Have a great time, and look forward to seeing your photos in due time when you're back in the States. Take care,