Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Our INDOOR FOREST - The last day to vote!

Dear friends, colleagues, community members,

Today is the last day to vote (voting closes 5pm)for our air-purifying indoor forest idea at Northcity4! We are at a 2nd place, and need to stay there to get funding!

Inspired by NASA's brilliant research on the air-cleansing qualities of common houseplants, our dream is to build a large, permanent air-purifying garden indoors, to work alongside our conventional air-filtering system. We want to become a leading creative community on how to use plants effectively in artist workshop settings!

Importantly, we want to make all the research findings and a documented process of construction available, free of charge, for other interested artists and the wider community, locally and internationally. So this project is for everyone.

This initiative, a "forest on wheels" was recently selected a top ten finalist in the Bank of Melbourne Local Project Competition/Environment-category. It has a very real chance in succeeding, as the two most voted for projects in each category receive funding. The competition is very tight though, and every single vote counts!

Here's how you can show your support:

You can vote directly at the competition website at http://webapps.bankofmelbourne.com.au/thelocalproject/default.aspx?project=201

Please note that your details WILL NOT be stored, or used for any other purpose than counting the votes during the competition.

If you'd like to help us further, please let any friends you think would be interested know!

Please don't hesitate to email Inari at indoorforest2014@gmail.com should you have any questions, or would like further info & updates.

Many thanks!

Inari Kiuru
& Northcity4 artists

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