Saturday, April 8, 2017

Heavenly Vessels exhibition at AVID Gallery, New Zealand

Inari Kiuru
mild steel, found object, enamel, pigment, wax, human ashes

Blink is a contemplation of the passing of time and the cyclical nature of all life.

AVID Gallery, Wellington, New Zealand / 08 - 22 April 2017
Raewyn Atkinson, Barry Clarke, Inari Kiuru, Elizabeth McClure, Lindy McSwan, Mark Mitchell, Masahiro Sasaki and Layla Walter

Heavenly Vessels is a collection of vessel objects worked in glass, metals and ceramics. Eight artists from NZ, Australia and Japan have explored a range of ideas in their work for this exhibition: the passing of time, feelings relating to connection with place and the beauty and materiality associated with the medium they are using.

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