Sunday, August 30, 2009

compositions with human hands and tired birds

Diego the parrot likes to fall asleep like this,
especially on cooler nights.


  1. Thank you Katherine : )

    I have a very special affinity for birds. An injured, rescued baby corella from Moore River, WA, changed my world almost 15 years ago when we re-learned to fly together, against all odds. Later, parrots and budgies bred in captivity have taken over this household.

    I will never cease to be amazed, delighted and humbled by the continuing learning process and the bonds which can develop between two such different species, humans and the descendants of dinosaurs. We are separated by 60 million years of evolution, yet so often seem to understand each other seamlessly; we connect in giving and receiving affection; in our sense of play and humour, in our need for solitude, freedom, companionship.