Friday, November 27, 2009

More older work: The Book of Changing Things, 2005

This year, and especially lately, I've felt an urge to gather, inspect and mull over the things created in the past. This includes graphic design projects from a good long decade, as well as a few illustration commissions and paintings realised before beginning jewellery studies at RMIT in 2008.

My plan is to collate all this work into a holistic website-archive ... one day ... but I think mostly, it's interesting to reflect on two-dimensional work in retrospect, in order to make mental space and to gain enough courage to finally begin talking about jewellery and silversmithing pieces here.

Venturing into a completely new area of making, after a career in all things flat (as in paper and digital screen), now playing with fire, metal and powertools, is at times daunting and very challenging. But mostly it is exhilarating, totally wonderful and totally addictive. This is it! So, I think of this, looking at past work now, almost as a ritual of moving into a new phase in life and creative thought, welcoming what ever may be around the corner. Mustering belief.

These images are from The Book of Changing Things, a story for children and young adults in Alice in Wonderland-ish way, by Odo Hirsch (aka David Kausmann), Allen & Unwin 2005. The pictures (pen, pencil and ink) are influenced by my memories of books from my own childhood, especially by the tradition of Eastern European story telling.

Click on the images, as per usual, to have a larger and more detailed view.


  1. You are so inspirational. The making of much envy in my heart. xo

  2. Ooooo Nat! Thanks!
    You know I feel the same about you : )
    Been reading about your eco adventures.

    Hope you're well and happy.


  3. actually i prefer these pictures to those in Magpie!
    very fantastical.. dream-like