Sunday, November 22, 2009

a thought for late November

Every winter, I forget how many white scars I have, all over.
Every spring, the first sunshine, skin changing colour –
I remember again.

Childhood summers, teenage accidents, work mishaps
and everything else, all written on the body.

I am a map : )


  1. That's a lovely way to see your body, Inari. I always think a face is such a wonderful way to read a person's history - and wonder how it is that people could want to erase their stories with botox and surgery? There was a distressing article in today's paper about girls as young as 20 having 'preventative' botox injections (!!!) Where has the appreciation of real beauty gone? Beauty that lies in a generous spirit and a life well-lived rather than a clear-skinned lie.

  2. I'm there with you, Sally – can't wait for more laughing lines to form and stay.

    One of the most hilarious (and sad in some ways too) instructions for women I ever read in a women's mag was to "avoid strong expressions" like grinning or frowning in order to keep your face looking young!!!

    You have gotta laugh!! : D xx