Tuesday, March 9, 2010

beach combing for beginners

Here's further harvest from the archival photo sessions of late.

A personal favourite among all the "seriousness" of so called contemporary art, these children's utensils were my response to our Fork-project at RMIT last year. Simply, three variations on a shape to depict whimsical sea creatures, with soft-ended spikes for safe digging into the sand.

The inspiration for the project came from experimenting with laser cutting (which enables sharp, accurate lines and the production of multiples in a shorter time), and industrial design – the idea was to create a fun series which could be mass-produced.

Beach combing for beginners (2009)
laser cut 4 mm perspex, adhesive. The forks were sketched by hand, then cleaned up and turned into vector images (continuous outlines for cutting) in Adobe Illustrator.

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