Wednesday, March 24, 2010

In Memoriam, Sid Fleischman 1920-2010

Sid in Santa Monica Mall, Feb 2009

Sid Fleischman,

A gentleman at first; a well loved children's writer and a fast defender of humour; a professional magician with amazing tricks, a legend of a host who invited us to the one and only Magic Castle, and who still has cards glued to his ceiling … A Hollywood screen writer who worked with the brightest of stars; a boy at heart who fought in the Navy during WWII; the kindest person there ever was…

And a friend to me and my husband, I'm honoured to say. Rest in peace and keep up the mischief Sid! You are dearly missed.

I'll post more pictures & memories as soon as I get them up and into the computer.


Sid's official website

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