Monday, April 5, 2010

four odd brooches

Here are the rest of the brooches which were born as a result of combining treated plastics with metal and organic, found materials (RMIT jewellery work for this semester). Together with the "blue and yellow brooch", shown in an earlier post and again below, these pieces form a little series which I think of as an "odd garden" – each of them a strange plant of mixed origins. A bit like myself, really.

As always, click on the images for better detail.

Odd 1, 2010, stone, 925, steel wire, melted medicine cup, acrylic paper, 110 mm

Odd 2, 2010, wood, 925, melted laboratory plastic, silk, enamel paint, 120 mm

Odd 3, 2010, 925, 18ct gold, brass, steel wire, melted medicine cup, crayon, silk, rubber,
60 mm

Odd 4, 2010, 925, 9ct gold, laboratory plastic, silk, brass, acrylic paint, varnish, 110 mm

Odd 5 (blue and yellow brooch), 2010, 925, steel wire, laboratory plastic, silk, oil paint

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  1. Thank you Nan and hello to NZ!
    Not sure why Blogger whisked your comment to the Hello Snow and Ice-post... but nevertheless, thanks so much for positive feedback. It is a big step for a fledgling jeweller to publish pictures of work, so you've helped in conquering that mountain : )
    Please email and let us know what you're doing!