Monday, April 5, 2010

melbourne morning – a pin for perth

I feel very happy and very lucky to be going to the 14th biannual JMGA Conference from 9-11 April (this coming weekend) in Perth. So many great guest speakers and exhibitions to look forward to!

This is a pin I've made for the traditional pin swap–hoping it's not supposed to be a secret–with a Melbourne morning in mind … wood, brass, steel, enamel paint and 925 silver, very light and quite tiny in size. Maybe it also works as an antenna to tune into some things?

Can't wait to visit my old stomping grounds and catch up with the jewellers who originally pointed me to the right path, especially the amazing teachers with hearts of pure gold, Brenda Ridgewell, Claire Townsend and Sarah Elson.

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  1. Hey that's great, Inari. Hope you have a wonderful time stomping that old ground!
    Sally x