Thursday, October 21, 2010

And so it was

Dad sent me this photo today to confirm that my memory of the
was correct. Beautiful. Thank you!

: )


  1. Yes, it is - see previous post : )
    If you click on the photo, you can observe my serious little buck-teeth face even better! x

  2. You're the little blondie? Adorable!

  3. Sally... Well what do you reckon ?!!

    No, I'm actually the teenage girl, in 1976.
    You too can stop ageing if you sell your soul to the devil : D : D

  4. Actually my surprise was that you were once so blonde - not that you may have been really an old hag in a beautiful young maiden's body. Hee hee.

  5. Oh OK! That makes sense!
    Yes, once was blonde - these were the sunny days before the boy haircut my guardians insisted on and I myself further "worked on" … I'll send you a pic one day, just me, the freshly cut gap in my fringe, a tee shirt and a flower : ) xx