Monday, October 18, 2010

Riding in carts with girls

I recently found this little card I drew 15th of September, 1976.

It makes me very happy to look at the picture, and I remember well what it's about: It was the beginning of my fifth summer, we were visiting my maternal grandfather's farm, and as a custom after winter, we gave the cart a new coat of paint. Shiny and black, and the wheels seemed huge to me then, I can recall the wooden surface warm in the sun and long spokes higher than my head. After, we went riding up and down on the sandy roads with my 'nanny', a teenage daughter of our neighbours whose long hair I just adored.

I also love the different angles of the drawing – I obviously thought about the 'people' part differently as I was in it, from the horse which I'd seen many times 'from outside', galloping past.

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