Monday, April 11, 2011

I know what I did last summer, 1

It's been a while.
And it's been an amazing ride, this summer; up and down,
most definitely and in extremes. For the both of us.

With the palpable turn of seasons now, it's time to return.
Perhaps slowly at first, as I feel that autumn is piling its weight
right on my chest, but it's time. And it won't be long.

Here I come. These pictures were taken late December,
in Switzerland with family. It was very good to be together.

Hope you are well and happy. More soon –
and warmest wishes for the new year once again.

Wilen, Thurgau, Switzerland / December 2010


  1. How gorgeous. Is that you in the wings? xx

  2. No. It's our (somewhat) soaring family spirit I think.

    Thank you Sally xx