Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Last summer, 5

Ocean Ave, 1

Santa Monica, February 2011


  1. Good to have you back!
    Your pictures are sensational as always. They transport me (not always comfortably, but this is a good thing because I feel alert to indescribable possibilities when looking at them. Strange feeling, but a sign of brilliant photography.)

  2. I am loving this series, Inari. Thanks so much for posting. x

  3. Thank you so much. Glad to have caught up on your life, also, via the web! Loved the feeling of your Sydney visit, sorry about the flood situation though. That image of the new home / old garage was full of hope and looks great.

    These LA photos feel strange, because when there, I felt I couldn't really take any pictures as I was too strung on adrenalin and too alert because of the nature of our visit and the emotions Santa Monica holds for me, so I could just look, not concentrate.

    These few snapshots (which took me some months to look at, and process) are an interesting insight of how I remember things, and what actually was taken into the camera on the rare moments I did press the button. The pictures I take, I think, begin really as very ordinary snaphots, nothing brilliant about them -- it's the "post production" (selecting, possibly altering the tone or contrast) that allows me to ask how I remember a certain situation, and then work towards a mode; how the picture could express that. That's all.

    Lots of love to you, will keep in touch thru the ether : )

    xx i

  4. Thank you Sally, too!

    As I said above, it only now appears that indeed the images from last summer are a series. Or maybe it is the action of sorting, selecting, and carefully putting in order that makes a story - like a dream, or as we say, a memory - a conditional, subjective picture of something. These photos are news to me too, in other words. It took some time to look and play with them, to place them in that order. And as you can see, I'm still skirting around the big 'O' event - not sure how to show that, but working on it. We can't even watch the recorded ceremony yet : D

    Hope you guys are going well. Easter used to be a gateway to spring, in Finland - so strange to have it in autumn now here.

    Lots of love and a big hug to all your family.

    xx i

  5. Hei Inari - kerroin omassa blogissani 'last summer - 6' poustistasi, ja käytin yhtä kuvaasi, toivottavasti et pahastu! Se on tässä:
    Esa Sydneystä

  6. Hei Esa.

    Siita on pitka aika kun viimeksi kuulin Suomen kielta hienossa muodossa, "toivottavasti et pahastu". Sanojesi sointu toi muistoja mieleen : )

    En pahastu, oletan etta kuvien lainaajat kertovat lainasta minulle ja liittavat nimeni niiden yhteyteen. Korukuvia leijuu netissa paljon, talla kaavalla, muista valokuvista en ole varma. Siispa copyright-huomautus bloginin oikealla reunalla.

    Katselen viela sinun blogiasi vahan lisaa ja kommentoin sitten siella enemman - tosi mielenkiintoinen kokoelma kuvia ja tekstia nain ensisilmayksella. Oli mukava loytaa se kommenttisi kautta.

    Ystavallisin terveisin