Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Mysterious Disappearance: New work, part 1

"All we know about your great grandmother
is that, apparently one day,she wandered off into the snowand never came back.

They say she was wearing
nothing but

her favourite pieces of jewellery.

And a hat."

Into the snow (Inari Kiuru 2010)
Pendant, Earrings, RingFound objects (rusted can lids, a driven-over jeans' button, two squashed safety pins that I altered into mini-ornaments, resin, cotton thread with araldite, 18c gold, brass, enamel paint

So, our first semester of the year is over! As promised, I'll post pictures of my work over the weekend, and will start with the smallest of the pieces made.

This project for our Jewellery subject at RMIT was to re-create a "lost" piece of jewellery. My inspiration was the above photo and the images I got when inspecting the white resin pieces I had made earlier as a part of a material investigation. The rusted parts were in the collection of my found objects, as was the ring stand and the parts to make the ring; they seemed to go beautifully together.

PS. Sunday 27 June: Sorry for random addings of images – I'm archiving the work for myself as well as recording it here, and updating the posts as I have a chance to clean up images etc.
: )

Click on the images for a larger view and better detail.
photo © Harvey Brothers (?)


  1. my god
    these are beautiful, just beautiful.

    I'm totally gob smacked!!

  2. Oh dear, such big words!! : D Thanks so much Eddy!

    I'm undecided of what I think as yet, as some of the work is still so recent. I guess the main thing I'm trying to learn and develop is gaining courage in combining different materials, and trusting my own instinct of what might look interesting. To convey a subject in a meaningful but in some way new way whilst considering the possible wearability of the pieces also.