Thursday, June 24, 2010

waiting for the fire

"What comes out
must go in"

From the past weeks' experiments with enamel on mild steel, objects and a pendant waiting to be fired in a kiln. They look very different pre and post the heating process. I've just finished a series of work, including the vessels above, for our first semester assessment at RMIT – I'll post some images of the final work over the weekend.

When I wake up, that is. And now back to writing an essay which will be 24 hours late : /

More enamel on steel experiments here (samples from the Elizabeth Turrell workshop in Perth, Western Australia in April), and here (the first jewellery pieces I made at RMIT using welded mild steel and liquid enamels).

I also just recently discovered Suzanne Beautyman's work, and am simply in awe of her use of the media of metal and enamel.

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