Monday, June 14, 2010

enamel on steel and silver

Here's a few results from my resent playtimes with mild steel and enamel …
I called these three first brooches Amazon, Caribbean and Spain, you guess which is which! They're all welded mild steel with liquid enamel, some have also glass beads; the brooch backs are sterling silver and stainless dental steel wire.

The last two pieces are May and March – the month of the Bull and the month of the Fish. These two pieces are somehow related, or at least trying to co-exist. The bull brooch has industrial cardboard and plastic on roller-printed fine silver base which was enamelled by underfiring, to match it with the matte of the other components. The square pendant is welded mild steel with liquid enamel, the attachments fabricated from 18ct gold and brass. It has a long beaded chain which I'll photograph properly in its entire length when daylight comes again. September?? : )

Click on the images for slightly larger detail.


  1. Lovely enamelling Inari! Happy Belated Birthday! Can't wait to see the end of year exhibition. Hugs, Cat

  2. Thanks heaps Cat - and ditto to you & fiance for birthday : )

  3. Beautiful work, Inari. Are you going to have another show some time?

  4. Hi Sally, thanks! Our next exhibition is the end of year graduation show, in early November. It'll be at Thousand Pound Bend on Little Londsdale St, and next semester will be hectic organising that plus our auction coming up in mid-August. I'll keep you posted. Right now, mid-semester assessment is looming, on Wednesday, still sooooooo much to do. Eeeeek! : ) Hope you're going well, chat when we have a break from late next week onwards xx